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Birthdate:Aug 18
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Charley Jones is half-human, half-fey, and in a lot of trouble.

She's just come from the river Severn and a confrontation with her grandmother - on the water-spirit side of her family - who wants to use Charley's half-human blood in a ritual to flood the Severn Valley and thus pull a huge amount of human territory into fey hands. Her boyfriend of 8 years turned out to be working for her grandmother, and to her horror she had to kill him or die herself. She ran east - back towards the Thames, which her human father used to shelter her from her mother's family when she was a child - but she can't go back to London.

Charley is 24. She's physically very small: five feet tall, slim and bird-boned, with long, curly dark hair and an impish smile. She's never had a real job; when she's not running from her mother's side of the family, she's a professional thief. In London, she lived in a squat and paid for food with stolen cash and credits or stole it from shops. She isn't sure what she'll do now, in a new part of the country that she doesn't know; she can't go back to London, because she doesn't know who of her old friends works for her grandmother. Her father is dead, killed by people who worked for her grandmother, so she has no safe haven at home.

Charley's fey and human sides aren't very well-mixed. She has quite impressive water powers - she can move any kind of water anywhere she likes, including the water in other people's bodies and in the air - but the more she uses them, the more the human half of her suffers - first headaches, then trouble breathing, internal bleeding and eventually death. She doesn't do well in extreme heat or around people with fire abilities, because too much heat threatens the water she needs to survive. However, she can breathe water, and likes to spend as much time as she can either wet or completely submerged. She also has a sense of other "powerful" places or people, though she won't usually know where the power comes from - she just notices that some people and places "smell funny".

She is impulsive and volatile, a creature of instinct and emotion. She doesn't plan well, makes a lot of bad decisions and gets into a lot of scrapes. She wasn't a very trusting person even before her boyfriend betrayed her - now she mistrusts everyone, especially men, and especially men who show a sexual interest in her. She is wary and afraid, has no one she can trust, no one to turn to, and no idea what to do next.

(OOC: This is an RP journal. Charley, is played by [personal profile] jessan. The main game is Lower Tadfield Safehouse, but I am also starting to participate in some ad hoc stuff on DW.)
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